Dutch Master – Rectangle Pillow


Hand painted with watercolour. Digitally printed on a natural cotton/ linen blend. Thin zip closure at the bottom. Inner not included

Artwork – Dutch Master

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I started this series back in 2014. It was on the heals of a burn out so rough I found myself in denial of it. I tried to take on the burn with as much courage as I could, but took more personal & professional fire instead. And then like beauty fro the ashes, I found much inspiration from the opulent dutch masters. There was something about the moody setting an unknown surround, and at the heart was a display that mirrored what I hope to portray. And so this series was born. A delicate range of blooms on the backdrop of black. A reminder to look for the growth in the darkest of times. A reminder that the darkest of times frame the face of the flower so very well.

Additional information

Weight 0.209 kg
Dimensions 67 × 45 × 50 cm
Care Instructions

Each hand painted artwork is digitally printed onto either a 100% natural cotton or a cotton / linen blend. Take care to wash only the spots with a gentle hand soap, and dry each piece out of direct sunlight in order to preserve the integrity of the colours.

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