Simple Design

These items are offered as a response to requests. Most are everyday carry ons, some are wardrobe staples. Our hope is that their simple design & durable nature will serve you well on your way into a new day.


No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.

Winston Churchill

Durable Nature

We’ve made these pieces using only the finest quality, first grade, full grain leather our South Africa has to offer. The full grain refers to the top layer of a hide that has not been smoothed/ buffed, & where the natural skin irregularities are still visible. It is considered of higher quality among the types of leather due to it’s natural surface integrity kept in tact as much as possible. It’s this top layer that is the toughest. It’s this top layer that ages most beautifully.

Leather & Meranti Stool

Leather & Meranti Stool

Our Accessories

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