At the fabers

The Original 4×4

We’ve been a little quite on here, cause heck, what a time getting a new business running on all cylinders in a time of COVID. So much graft has gone in to shape & reshape at an idea we had to offer a 15” saddle that is lighter in weight

Mastery & Our 16” Wade Saddle

These hard working hands belong to Jaco Burger. He & his family live off the land & share the love for working animals, dogs & horses alike. He is, hands down, the finest saddle designer

We Became Faber

It’s funny, how life works. Neither of us expected it. Neither of us believed in love at first sight. The can’t-eat-can’t-sleep kind. But it’s real, it hits hard. It’s our story. I came back from

Outdoor Living

Outdoor living might well be one of the most simple pleasures. We find ourselves living full lives, full of emotion, full of responsibility. To be found outside, in a greater expanse that asked nothing of

Golden Gilly

Gilbert Kleinveldt grew up in the tough mountain country, the rocky slopes of Graaff Reinet. His family live on & work for a game farmer out there. Seeing his potential & sincere attitude, a friend

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