Our History

The Creators

It’s a tale of two, about a love & a love for leather. Our story began in winter, up in the cold mountains of Graaff Reinet. We fell in love & joined in marriage shortly after. Sharing a need to work with our hands, having a love for good design & creative expression; we set out to build a life & a business that involves building up people too. Follow along as we do our best to bring quality in a spirit of excellence. Welcome to Faber.


Building life together. Building home together. Building business together. Building Kingdom together.


The Process

As a family & as artisans, we take on each new piece with much consideration. Either by request or personal conviction, we start the idea off on a thoughtful design process. From measuring out optimal surface area usage on hides, to the use of a perfect balance in hardware included, we discuss each new item & it’s dimensions. Patterns are made for reproduction, samples are made for field testing. Once each piece has proven itself sturdy, trustworthy, we refine them & offer them to you. You then, can select them as tools or accessories. You then, can use them in moving forward.

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