Kweper – Square Pillow


Hand painted with watercolour. Digitally printed on a natural cotton/ linen blend. Thin zip closure at the bottom. Inner not included

Artwork – Kweper

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“ARTWORK STORY: Kwepers (Quinces, for the English folk)

These dense fruits are a characteristic feature of the Karoo, where we now live and call home. They are a beautiful display in old bowls passed down through the generations, that find their way onto our modern tables. Holding these & their leaves to support their simple, textured beauty. Quinces to me, have become that one anchoring visual in a garden that reminds you where you are. The Karoo.

I have wanted to paint them for the longest time & include them in a collection that will be used for our textile range. These, to me, respresent home. They adorn my monochrome-clad home with bursts of citroen-yellow colour, with navy-green leaves.

Kwepers. A fruit called home.”

Additional information

Weight 0.182 kg
Dimensions 56 × 56 × 5 cm
Care Instructions

Each hand painted artwork is digitally printed onto either a 100% natural cotton or a cotton / linen blend. Take care to wash only the spots with a gentle hand soap, and dry each piece out of direct sunlight in order to preserve the integrity of the colours.

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